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Recently, in the Promenades

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2020/07/29A Sleeping Piano

In the basement of my parents’ house lies a silent treasure, an upright piano from the late 19th century. The instrument accompanied my childhood. My mother would have liked one of us to learn the piano.


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2020/07/18The torch

The weekends follow one another and look alike; the other days of the week are no different. My boredom, with its head on the shoulder of my astonishment, observes my passion, my fire, dwindling as if it were only wise to let go, as if the embers tasted better than the direct flame.


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2020/05/21The poet cave

Every word can be a diamond, and every word I write on this screen could be worth a weight of gold to me. I wish it were.


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2020/05/18Saturn and Pluto are not the plague

Yes, the beauty of the world is beyond our understanding and logic. Wittgenstein had understood that our thinking could not be totally enclosed in science, that despite its insistence, it inevitably gets an opaque gaze from Nature.


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2020/05/16Erotic dreams

I won’t be original by saying I had an erotic dream. I can already imagine the smirk on the face of some people or disdain in others.


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2020/05/10Sweet pandemic

I hardly ever go out and have never been so connected to the outside world through virtual channels. I am one of those privileged people who can continue to work as the Thing outside feeds on those who have difficulty defending themselves. This remains almost unreal for me, hypothetical. I have bought an ergonomic chair, a keyboard, a mouse. I receive my salary every two weeks as if the danger passes over my head.


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