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Miniature du Putain

Le putain

“Le Putain” is Guy Verville’s first published text. A university student is waiting for the woman who has been supporting him for two years.

Couverture du Putain

Fifteen minutes late. She'll be here soon. She has been coming soon for two years, swallowing fifteen minutes of her time, or rather of her soul. Two years at the rate of once a week multiplied by fifteen minutes. Paul counts the drops of water; the count is difficult. He's going to get his calculator: 1560 minutes. Twenty-six hours.

Le putain


ISBN : 2-89135-039-1 | 48 pages | 5 $ | | Guernica

In French only. Available from the publisher



Guy Verville’s Le Putain, a short story barely fifty pages long, evokes in an enigmatic and enchanting style loneliness, infinity, the imbalance of the body that deserts the soul and the ensuing insidious and treacherous humiliation. With the city as a backdrop, always seen from the window of the room of sweet torment, the city that goes through all the pain it has to live unconsciously in its road veins….

In a very beautiful language, which can be deciphered like a cryptogram, there is a logic close to the mathematical money, often mentioned, which imposes its rules on the daily life and style of the writer. On a prose that is both precise and sibylline, which gives rise to multiple interpretations, and offers numerous avenues for reflection[…] Le Putain leaves us with a desire to return there. And to search further in the reading all the senses offered here.

M.-C. Fortin, Voir (1991/05/28)

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