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Frosted stars

Modifié le : 2019/08/08

This morning’s cold did not take as much to the throat as yesterday’s more aggressive one. The sky, however, was still as blue as the northern regions know how to do. On urban and deadly surfaces, an overnight frost, bewitched by light.

I walked with a determined step, not remembering my dreams. I slept a full night; the days are so busy. I always have in mind this spreading smile of the Buddha; he has been with me for two days. He tells me to straighten out the spine that I tend to bend. It is surprising to see how a simple attitude can move mountains, tiredness, regenerate ideas, and hopes.

The same goes for the inner smile. It only takes so little to be strong and happy, to understand that what inhabits us is the bearer of our blood and our wealth, our treasures of life.

I’m not writing this to be optimistic. I fight hard, I listen and watch the planes geometrize the sky.



picture for frosted-starspicture for frosted-starspicture for frosted-starspicture for frosted-stars
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