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Gérald Godin or the incarnate poet

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Last night, on Télé-Québec, I watched the excellent documentary Godin. The incarnation of this poet is moving, we come to regret this time when the political cause seemed to take on its full meaning. Godin was probably ahead of his time and, by Jacques Parizeau’s own admission, had understood very well that nationalism was about including immigrant peoples.

We hear Godin telling us that there are poets who look at each other’s bellies and that he is not one of them. He was not loved by intellectuals. Watching this documentary challenges us and forces us to question the seriousness of our convictions.

If there were more Godin on Earth, there might be as many wars, but who knows, there might be fewer, and politicians would be able to build and guide large ships.

I am curious to read the love letter between him and his beautiful Pauline, especially since their relationship was sometimes stormy. The storm… when it is beautiful, has nothing to envy the calm of philosophers.

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