Meanwhile on Earth

Yes­ter­day was a day for relax­ation. As with every spring, and per­haps more so this one, peo­ple dressed with non­cha­lance and, like migra­to­ry birds return­ing from a long jour­ney, rest­ed by a stream.

I, too, went for a walk, first out of neces­si­ty, as I had to go to the phar­ma­cy to get my med­i­cine, and then because I also want­ed some fresh air.

There were so many peo­ple every­where that I could feel the dan­ger of the con­ta­gion still lurk­ing around us. Peo­ple didn’t seem to be over­ly con­cerned, sit­ting togeth­er on what­ev­er dry bench they could find. Many of the chil­dren did not even have coats on, bub­bling with life as nev­er before, as when one is final­ly allowed to go out­side with­out wear­ing some kind of home­made astro­naut suit.

The bat­tle isn’t over yet, but it was time for a sun break, mud, and rivers to bypass among the bro­ken snow.

Mean­while, Mars is being explored with bet­ter eyes. In 2030, we will get sam­ples. That’s still a long way off. By then, what will our plan­et be like ? Non­cha­lant, on fire, still the same with or with­out the human race ?