Putin goes to war

Franz von Stuck • Pluto

On Feb­ru­ary 24, 2022, Putin autho­rized the inva­sion of Ukraine. Although the Russ­ian president’s birth time is not known, and his date of birth is also in doubt, the fact remains that the man’s birth chart suits him like a glove but per­plex­es the astrologer who would have liked to advise the politi­cian as to the rel­e­vance of going to war in this way. The two graphs below show the appar­ent course of the major plan­ets accord­ing to a 90º grid and anoth­er of 120º. The first is gen­er­al­ly per­ceived as describ­ing more of the key moments of existence.

Source : Astro­Gold. Click to enlarge in anoth­er window.
Source : Astro­Gold. Click to enlarge in anoth­er window.

At the out­break of hos­til­i­ties, the most strik­ing tran­sits on Putin’s chart are :


Putin’s aggres­sive­ness also seemed at its height with Mars hav­ing just passed through a bian­nu­al cycle on :


At a glance, the ret­rogra­da­tion of Sat­urn, thus walk­ing around three times in front of natal Plu­to, does not bode well for the suc­cess of the war enter­prise. Despite trines to natal Sun and Sat­urn, tran­sits of Sat­urn over Plu­to usu­al­ly indi­cate a deple­tion of resources or dif­fi­cul­ty using them well. This is an impor­tant real­i­ty check. On the oth­er hand, this Uranus in oppo­si­tion to Venus indi­cates the man ready to change his life, divorce the world, and pos­si­bly spon­ta­neous­ly or proud­ly mod­i­fy his alliances. Uranus mov­ing dur­ing the year towards a con­junc­tion with Jupiter : should we think of an exag­ger­at­ed behav­iour, a swelling of the self ?

In April 2023, Nep­tune will be in square with Mars (in sec­tor VI), sug­gest­ing loss of ener­gy, pos­si­bly health. The vital spark could be put to the test. This inter­pre­ta­tion is no doubt coloured by my neg­a­tive bias towards the dic­ta­tor. Many astrologers have more sub­tly ana­lyzed and con­tex­tu­al­ized this Feb­ru­ary event. How­ev­er, we seem to agree that the game is far from won.

Putin’s birthchart. Screen­shots LunaAstrology.
Sat­urn tran­sits. Putin. 2022/02/24
Uranus tran­sits. Putin. 2022/02/24
Uranus tran­sits. Putin. April 2023
Nep­tune tran­sits. Putin. April 2023

Besides, how was it going on Zelenskyy’s side ?

Source : Astro­Gold. Click to enlarge in anoth­er window.

Source : Astro­Gold. Click to enlarge in anoth­er window.
Zelen­skyy’s chart

tsaturneoppositionlunetsaturneconjonctionmc , turanuscarremercurepuranusquinconcemars

The politi­cian faces his des­tiny, Sat­urn brush­ing the Mid­heav­en and oppos­ing the Moon, sym­bol par excel­lence of the home­land, ances­tral roots. Mars also seemed ready for war in the vicin­i­ty of Plu­to, which will… in April 2023… make a major oppo­si­tion to native Mars. Dur­ing this spring of 2023, Uranus will oppose its natal posi­tion as much as it will be in square with the Moon. As a gen­er­al rule, we agree that the stars favour Zelen­skyy, par­tic­u­lar­ly because he has a younger, more open nature. How­ev­er, the theme is not free from struggles.

Sat­urn tran­sits. Zelen­skyy. 2022/02/24
Plu­to tran­sits. Zelen­skyy. April 2023

The des­tinies of the two men, prob­a­bly those of their respec­tive coun­tries and per­haps even that of the plan­et, seem to find dra­mat­ic res­o­lu­tions in six months. Very clever, who­ev­er knows how to make the celes­tial rhythm speak. After all, if every­one helps each oth­er, heav­en will also help us…

So let’s wish every­one well and that our weak prayers will be enough to light the torch of last­ing peace.