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The happy artist

He sees me through the gallery window, seems pleasantly surprised and smiles at me. I know him first as a colleague at Spiria, then as an artist. One of his works is hanging in the company's cafeteria. — 2017/10/15

On ordinary life

"I have a very ordinary, even flat life, but I like it." I ask my interlocutor to repeat. We were standing, some friends around us. We started by questioning my novels, the meaning I brought to them, why I was writing. As I am talkative, it lasted a long time. Then, as the subject dried up, I sent the ball back to the one who was asking me all these questions. — 2014/09/30

The archer

Writing and singing, singing, or writing. It's all the same to me. I'm reviewing Les Mailles sanguines, learning a new melody. In both cases, it requires me to be meticulous, intense. — 2013/04/20

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