Meanwhile on Earth — 2021/03/22

Yesterday was a day for relaxation. As with every spring, and perhaps more so this one, people dressed with nonchalance and, like migratory birds returning from a long journey, rested by a stream.


A cholesterol-free mind — 2020/12/01

I went to the hospital today for a regular visit. I hadn’t set foot in the Jewish since last January, long before the madness caused by the pandemic.


Sweet pandemic — 2020/05/10

I hardly ever go out and have never been so connected to the outside world through virtual channels. I am one of those privileged people who can continue to work as the Thing outside feeds on those who have difficulty defending themselves. This remains almost unreal for me, hypothetical. I have bought an ergonomic chair, a keyboard, a mouse. I receive my salary every two weeks as if the danger passes over my head.