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My mind... I have the impression to find it, with each awakening, white and without words, a desert of dried up dreams, heavily motionless, rolled in soft and asphyxiating dunes. — 2013/01/05

My barometer skin

In our busy daily lives, our minds are at the helm of a distracting and challenging universe. It is therefore fortunate that, on the lower floors, people are discreetly activated, on the lookout for their emotions, carrying out their wishes, as a sound machine that only complains at mealtimes, when the bins are full or when the batteries need to be recharged. — 2012/11/27

I could be nothing.

I dozed off for two hours this afternoon to wake up with a start, tired. When I returned to my office, I received emails from clients. I forgot to do this, there are problems there, I have to get back to work. Then I dive into the subway to go to my singing class. — 2012/11/22

Like at the station

Sometimes we feel on days like there is nothing else to do but wait for the next ones, that what could happen the next day would be better than the current grey of the rising sun. — 2011/12/14

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