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The good little people

The good little people, the poets hate them. They find in them no color other than that of the undifferentiated and the filthy misery. These little people are pretexts for them to claim the ingratitude of fate, the tragedy of the human condition. For this reason, the good little people are great to live their destiny close to nothing. — 2014/04/13

The invisible friend

The night was still preparing to welcome me, but I could not bring myself to abandon my timid conscience, shaken by the action film I had just watched, the last James Bond, beautifully shot, poorly written, nothing to turn away from tradition. — 2013/03/09

Asking Germaine

Why don't you ask Germaine? — Excuse me? My sister Marie smiled at me. — Yes, ask Germaine! — 2012/11/21

The grey roads

The current season remains grey. The colors are usually artificial or overly vivid. The weather sometimes gives snow, sometimes rain, and especially a sky covered with poorly washed cotton wool. — 2011/12/02

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