You have to survive — 2022/06/04

I always walk in a loop, returning again and again to the same dreams, treading the same gravel with my bare feet. The rest of my body is no more clothed, for I am naked in front of the uncertain, cold among the cold.


The time that hurts us — 2021/08/22

It’s like time has hurt me, I tell you. Or maybe it’s just the heat that weighs down my days. I find myself endlessly watching the clouds. If they are only moving, they end up coming back to the same shapes, puffed up like foam. Sometimes the sky is clear, occasionally grey, like a tornado, but the cumulus clouds take over at the slightest opportunity.


A god around my neck — 2019/04/21

While searching drawers for batteries, I found an old pendant that I had worn around my neck for a long time. A mixture of nostalgia and anxiety has moved up the complex edifice of my thinking.


The primordial light — 2017/01/08

I have resumed my walking journey to work. The freezing rains did not cause too much damage to the sidewalks, especially since the municipal workers did their job on time. It's cold, it's still a little windy. Fortunately, since my journey is from north to south, the fresh air from the west is blocked by the strong barricade of the houses.


The ant and the highway — 2016/12/24

The blank page still invites me to spread my moods. No matter how much I talk about silence and winter, my mind, although tired, is constantly moving in spring.


This madness of believing — 2013/10/25

Flannel soldiers, maple sugar zealots, white berets, caps against a wall, a meteorite, sometimes, would crush you that your callous waters would not form any lava, your bone tubing no coal, let alone a diamond.


Slightly, the pain — 2013/06/24

Entire days to live. Huge hours to fill. My mind, happy, but tormented, opens its hands wide. I have difficulty describing my feelings, my sensations as if a cyclone would fall on the few certainties that serve as my conscience. I am just finishing a reading on Nietzsche's thinking and getting ready to start an introduction to existentialism. I want to know where the thinking stands on this point.


If God is light, he is little — 2013/01/20

Light is important to us. With our narrow eyes, we swoon for a glow, a flower, a sun, or a volcano.