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Between happiness and satisfaction

As we know, human beings seek happiness. The road to it is difficult, perched on good intentions and obstacles. Companies are scrambling to make their employees happy, even creating positions as happiness managers, promoting "fun" at work as a value. — 2018/12/22

Learn to deposit your glass

J’ai assisté ce midi à une conférence au bureau sur la gestion du stress. Nous étions un peu plus d’une vingtaine dans la salle principale de la compagnie, tandis que le système de vidéoconférence permettait à trois de nos collègues de Gatineau d’assister à la même présentation. — 2017/02/02

The little happiness

People complain. It rains all the time. It is cold. It has already started snowing. The sweetness of autumn was, as if it were a surprise, only a vein of promise. The delicate life has gone to get dressed for the winter or rather, it has gone to take refuge in the south, among others among the Brazilians who, for their part, do not really know winter and who think that 10°C is death. — 2016/10/29

The silent goddess

I must continue on the theme of light. After work last week, it was still too hot for autumn. People willingly walked barefoot in the park, young people, bare-chested and beautiful, juggling. I was too hot with my vest and windbreaker, as if from a season too far ahead of its time. — 2016/10/10

The old symbols

We know a lot and a little about them at the same time. Their civilization is contemporary with ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia. Several countries report having met them, spoken to them. Their cities were surprisingly well structured. The houses had their own latrines, wells, sewage was collected, the kingdom was large. — 2014/04/18

If I won the lottery

— If I won the lottery, I'd make a big trip. He smiles, his eyes happy, swollen by his dream. I stick more to him, use his shoulder as an angular pillow, still comfortable, turns my head towards the colorful window of the green tree, open to the morning sounds of the Metropolitan. — 2013/08/28

The time of the present

Silence, sometimes, annoys me. By this, I mean death, this unbelievable nothingness, this step above the emptiness that the soul eventually makes. I am not afraid of death, I am afraid that I have not lived long enough, very naughty pretense, proud delirium, inability to relax in the face of danger. — 2013/08/11

The gesture

I had the privilege and happiness of talking to my parents for the arrival of 2013. I say this with pomp that may seem excessive. It is only the unrestrained observation of the feelings that inhabit me. I am 53 years old, and I am still in front of them lowliness that only seeks to be loved. — 2013/01/01

In my bubbles

Last night, the body still in the water, creating nebulae with soap bubbles. I didn't see the storm pass by that I couldn't get through the walls. The house this morning is silent like a church in which no one prays anymore. — 2012/12/28

Christmas discomfort

For the past week, my e-mail box has been full of good wishes. As the work before the holiday season ends and the last rehearsals have taken place, we inevitably leave each other wishing to everyone a happy holiday. — 2012/12/22

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