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Our spacetimes

Last week, I fixed the last of the moldings in the hallway. My renovations have been a bit of a laughing stock because they have been dragging on for 10 years. In the beginning, it was going well, I was using the money I received from the sale of the condo. — 2020/01/11

Me, building

It has been almost ten years since I bought my house with my friend Yves. He lives on the ground floor, with her husband, I live on the first floor (or the second floor, depending on how you number the floors). — 2018/06/25


For more than four years now, I have been renovating, built beyond my budget, in a kind of quiet and irregular release. The result is there and, even if I don't see the end of it yet, it satisfies me. — 2013/01/06

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