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Learn to deposit your glass

J’ai assisté ce midi à une conférence au bureau sur la gestion du stress. Nous étions un peu plus d’une vingtaine dans la salle principale de la compagnie, tandis que le système de vidéoconférence permettait à trois de nos collègues de Gatineau d’assister à la même présentation. — 2017/02/02

My barometer skin

In our busy daily lives, our minds are at the helm of a distracting and challenging universe. It is therefore fortunate that, on the lower floors, people are discreetly activated, on the lookout for their emotions, carrying out their wishes, as a sound machine that only complains at mealtimes, when the bins are full or when the batteries need to be recharged. — 2012/11/27

Slow motion

The weather is unusually mild in Montreal. All in all, winter has no hold on the city's oily asphalt, which nevertheless continues to run its course. — 2012/02/16

Easily submerged

In the morning, the night hastened to get dressed and leave us, vaguely promising us to come back. Our eyes pay little more attention to it, our thoughts gargle, our hands are activated. — 2011/11/17

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