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No drama

Pierre sent me a picture, telling me that I would be able to interpret it to its real value. I was touched by the attention. He was somewhat acknowledging what I had been able to bring to him since we met, a touch of transcendent poetry in which I often enjoy getting involved. If I was able to sow in him this dose of wonder, I am pleased about it. — 2019/09/01

The solitary plant

I only have one plant in the apartment. It came to my house in late autumn, because the neighbor's young cats were having a hard time with her, uprooting her as if she were already dead prey. She was no longer beautiful to see, stunted, leaning towards a horizon whose geometry she did not seem to recognize. I — 2018/02/25

The primordial light

I have resumed my walking journey to work. The freezing rains did not cause too much damage to the sidewalks, especially since the municipal workers did their job on time. It's cold, it's still a little windy. Fortunately, since my journey is from north to south, the fresh air from the west is blocked by the strong barricade of the houses. — 2017/01/08

Bed, sun, budget

After two polar days of scratching our skin against cold walls, the temperatures finally softened. It is now 11 ˚C outside, 23 ˚C in my room, the sun manages to throw its heat to my skin even if, when a cloud passes, the ghosts of winter manage to make me shiver. — 2014/01/04

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