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Of the will

The universe of possibilities is more than vast, it bends, fractures, twists into intimate or gargantuan dimensions. I have, so to speak, lost my footing in the quiet everyday life of my four walls. — 2013/10/12

Reworking the days

I am already finishing almost two weeks with my new employer. It is easy to imagine the change of rhythm, the new time colors. I also had to finish, in the evening, the work of my former clients. They were understanding and I was able to complete the projects. — 2013/10/03

The power of my ancestors

It usually goes there on days like a river, never the same water, always the same route. There are prayers as if they were a comet, many of them gravitating, few of them meeting our destiny. — 2013/09/21

Give me some work

To say that the days are quiet is almost a euphemism. — 2013/09/10

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